Friday, 10 May 2013

How to Protect Your Content?

Protect Your Content
“Content Is King.” You are putting efforts and time to create an informative content. But you are not giving that much effort and time to protect your content from content thefts. They are simply copy and paste your content on their sites. Sometimes the stolen articles may get a higher ranking than the original. So that this times you need protection for your content.

Here there are some tips to protect your content,

1.) Place Copyright Notices and Watermarks: 

Disable text selection on your content. So that content theft can’t copy the articles directly. Better you should place a copyright notice in the footer of your site or under the content. Add watermarks for your images and videos. Sometimes, they may not aware of these things.

2.) Use Google Authorship: 

Get Google Authorship from Google. It is a very useful tool for your content production and also you can’t get any duplicate content punishment from Google. Use your original name while you are submitting your articles for Google Authorship. And claim your articles separately if your site has multiple writers.

3.) How to cache and deal with thief: 

Set Google Alerts: “Google Alerts” is a wonderful service from the Google. You can create 2-3 alerts per article. You can set your alerts on the content wherever you want, may be first paragraph or set randomly. It will alert you when somebody copies your content.

Prepare Evidence: Collect evidence like the original document, screen shots, published date and note the date, if your content indexed in Google.

Contact the Thief: Send a friendly email to them. If they remove the content, then the problem is solved. Otherwise, contact the hosting team to close their account.

DMCA Complaint: The DMCA is nothing but “Digital Millennium Copyright Act”. Here you can submit your DMCA complaint with Google to tell them to remove their indexed pages.