Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Google Search Engine Recap - June, 2013

Google Search Engine Recap: June, 2013

YouTube Capture: Videos Upload Upside Down

Jennie's response:

We're experiencing a temporary issue with YouTube Capture v.1.4 where videos shot with the record button on the left appear upside down. To fix this, you can rotate your video with YouTube Enhancements.

Google Knowledge Graph Adds Nutritional Information

Ilya Mezheritsky, a Google Product Manager, said:
This new nutritional information builds on our work on the Knowledge Graph, which brings together all kinds of information from across the web that wasn't easily accessible. The graph helps us connect things that are related, even in cases when those foods have a completely different sounding name from what you asked. For example, when you ask for “summer squash carbs”, we include “zucchini” as a relevant food in the dropdown, because it is a type of summer squash.

Google Maps Blue Dots Missing: User Contributed Photos

Daniel, a Google Maps representative, said:

We've been hearing this from other users as well, I'll be sure to pass it along to the team.

Google AdWords Now With Images: Image Ad Extensions

Google's product manager, Awaneesh Verma, said:
Today we're announcing the beta launch of image extensions, which will allow you to add new visual elements to your search ads. As the web evolves, Google users expect richer and more diverse content. More than one in six searches on Google today provide results with visual content. Image extensions will show in some cases when we determine that a search is likely for visual content.

Google In-Depth Rich Snippets Articles?

Google: When You Move, We Will Transfer Your Maps Reviews In Most Cases

Jade said in a Google Business Help thread:

We will transfer reviews from an old location of a business to a new location of business in many cases. We will not always transfer these reviews if the business goes through a significant rebrand.

Google Buys Waze, The Loved Mapping Software

Google acquired them after rumors of Facebook looking to pay $1.2 billion for them. The rumor is that Google offered $1.3 billion.

Easier Content Removal From Google's Search Results

Jessica wrote:

Wanting to remove information from Google is one of the top issues we hear from folks in our product forums. Thanks to our new removals troubleshooter, it's easier to know the right next steps to take when you want information removed. Check it out here: http://goo.gl/B6uRW

Google Image Search Now With Related Search Carousel

Updated Google Knowledge Graph Carousel

Two things here:

(1) The carousel is showing up more often these days and will likely continue to show up even more often in the future.

(2) The design has been updated, which shouldn't surprise anyone.

Google Removes "Quick View" Option In Mobile Results

Google Health Related Search Results, Can You Find Them?

Brent Nau spotted this and posted a screen shot on Google+, he said:
I have seen the Google SERPs for queries regarding health conditions and symptoms, but I have not seen where Google is actual scraping the authoritative sites and presenting the actual text at the top of the search results for "treatment" type keywords. (BTW - not suffering from IBS, client research!)

Google Kills ~Tilde Search Function

Dan from Google told Alex from GOS blog:
Yes, it’s been deprecated. Why? Because too few people were using it to make it worth the time, money, and energy to maintain. In truth, although I sometimes disagree with the operator changes, I happen to agree with this one. Maintaining ALL of the synonyms takes real time and costs us real money. Supporting this operator also increases the complexity of the code base. By dropping support for it we can free up a bunch of resources that can be used for other, more globally powerful changes.

Google's Cutts: Dropping ~ Operator Gives Us More Space To Index More Pages

Google Search Box Gets A Rainbow For Gay Pride Month

Google's Search About Number Of Results Easter Egg

Google Publisher Coming To Search Results With Google+ Logo?

Ten Google Sitelinks For Domain Searches